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The Chicago Pinball Mafia deliberately limits the number of its active members to maintain a manageable league size.

As a result, The Mafia normally has full ranks, and maintains the following wait list.

NicknameReal NameEmailsponsorapplication datestatus
Todd???????? ????2008-01-10You're in!
Andy - CPM???????? ????2008-04-05OK, waiting
Pizza Girl???????? n/a2007-11-21GTFO!
NotARealPerson???????? ????2007-08-21Junked
Greg Golminas???????? ????2008-10-20New
Rick Rasmussen???????? n/a2008-06-27New
???? Items have been suppressed.

To be added to the waitlist, contact any Mafia member. If you're a member, click here to add someone to the list.

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