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dinner/league start proposal
Posted by: Al (IP Logged)
Date: February 18, 2014 04:10AM

Hello fellow CPM'ers,

I have noticed that the league nights have gotten to be very casual with regards to start times for both league play and food.

Sometimes the food is served during practice hour from 6-7, sometimes at the halfway point of the night (too late for my taste) or some other random time. Sometimes league play starts at 7ish and sometimes not until after 7:30 or even later. I suggest standard times be set and kept.

My preference would be to see the food served during the 6-7 time slot, with food out as close to 6 as possible, as this is a casual/social league why does anyone need a full hour to practice? We can eat during this time also. Then league play can begin no later than 7:15, after Wolffys annoncements for the night. There was a time when this league started at 7 pretty faithfully but not so much anymore.

Like to hear what others think and hope there can be standard times set and kept going forward, whatever they may be.


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