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Rules and procedure modifications for 2010 season
Posted by: wolffy (IP Logged)
Date: March 03, 2010 04:53AM

As we get ready to start a new season next month the league is making its slow march toward expansion. In order to accommodate more people the steering committee decided some changes needed to be made to accommodate this growth. Some changes are just housekeeping while others required an edit to the rules document. A new version of that document will be posted here shortly for your viewing pleasure. However here are the highlights (and lolights) of what is coming:

2010 rule modifications:

1. Minimum number of games raised from 5 to 6.
Rob and I talked about this last year, as we approach 24 players a sixth game is necessary. With 20 players a back up game is still merited. As always though if he have foresight of a month where only 12 people are showing up we can relax this requirement. smiling smiley

2. 4 player score requirement removed from game requirements section.
In 2009 the league elected to allow single and two-player EM and solid state machines. Under "the meet" section, a note has been added that players must play in the order printed on the score sheet.

3. Eliminated the 10-player B-Division Tournament Bracket
There was an error in the seeding here so out it goes! Actually with the goal of 24 people the 12 player League Tournament Bracket is now the standard bracket. That bracket will be used for League Championship Tourney, B-Division Tourney, and the Zen Tourney.

4. Attendance is fun and rewarding
Re-instated the promise that attendance results in a minimum award of 24 points by extended this benefit to sidelined alternates, regulars on injured reserved, or other pre-approved reason to come to league night but be unable to participate in the 6 round competition. (Full disclosure: I was the sole vote against this change)

5. EOET as you know it has been removed.
Instead of the top 8 participating in a zen face off, EOET is being replaced with an opt-in zen tourney. Anyone who wants to participate in the second half zen-style play simply registers with Rob. Teams will be paired in order of rank with the highest and lowest scorer becoming a team. Alternates who don't have an open roster spot can participate in Zen now. The section describing EOET has been replaced with Zen Tournament. EOET is no longer a tie-break criteria and the EOET column on the rankings page will read zero this year.

6. Come November, The League Champion Tourney must have 12 players resulting in no opening rounds with a bye. In the event one of the top 8 people are absent and can not claim their seed, the A-players will advance one seed up to fill the gab. The 4 people who win the qualifying round will claim the top 4 of the 5 open seeds and the highest seeded person not to win the qualify round will be advanced to the last open (and lowest) seed. If you are one of the majority who just play where you are told to play then effectively there is no change for you. smiling smiley

2010 Proceedure modifications:

1. All payments for the $10 food contributions will be given to Yancy who will then pay the host. Yancy will also be checking people off the list and hunt down those who do not pay up. The hosts do enough work to have their game rooms ready, they don't need to hunt down cash as one of their responsibilities.

2. Increasing the number of available alternates from 2 to 3. This is our stepping stone on our way to 24 people.


The rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerated.

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